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Payment cards

  • INSTANT issue of virtual cards
  • UNLIMITED number of physical cards

The capabilities of the platform allow you too quickly issue both physical cards linked to an IBAN account and virtual cards that will be immediately ready for use.

Modern Open API

  • INTEGRATION with the financial accounting system
  • CUSTOMIZED tools

The innovative API provides the simplest and fastest integration of the payment solution with the financial infrastructure of any business, which allows companies to instantly issue their own cards and use all the functionality of the platform.

Convenient financial management

  • MULTIPLE functions on a single platform
  • FULL cost control

The platform provides simple and convenient financial management of the company. Work with accounts, transaction control, payment confirmation and financial accounting are carried out on a single platform.

Buy online advertising

  • FOR ALL MEDIA platforms
  • SEPARATE CARD for each advertising campaign campaigns

You can instantly issue any number of virtual cards that are accepted on all media platforms. Launch multiple advertising campaigns and manage each of them using individual card.

Secure service that works for you!

We make work more human by allowing you, approvers, financiers and CFOs to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks so they can focus on what’s most important. With us, you can open personal and business account online. Complete a quick registration and get access to a clear and simple platform.

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Virtual cards are changing the way payments are made and managed. Find out why businesses everywhere are choosing them as their primary payment method.

Virtual cards are unique card numbers associated with your account and generated on demand. Designed to ensure that cardholders never have to provide their real account number, virtual cards are the most secure way to make card payments. But their benefits don’t end there. Learn more about additional ways to increase security and control with virtual cards in the guide.

The obvious answer is: just like any other credit or debit card. But there are many ways in which virtual cards enhance payment management: every business has payments, and there are always opportunities to improve our financial processes.


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