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Why have traditional cards failed in online advertising?

  • The more campaigns you run at the same time, the harder it is to keep track of multiple credit cards. Also, buy virtual credit cards – not many banks can issue them in large quantities.
  • The card can be frozen if it runs out of funds.
  • If you get noticed, ad networks like Facebook, Google and others will close your account and freeze payments. It’s a long road to recovering your ad purchases.

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The solution: virtual cards for media buyers

Virtual credit cards are the best way to manage ad spend across all digital channels. Why?

  • You can create a unique virtual card to pay for each campaign. Virtual cards for media buys are customizable for billing.
  • Restrictions and flexible access levels give you control over your media purchases and reduce the risk of fraud. No more blocking accounts from third-party cards.
  • Easily manage all your cards: you can view and edit ad accounts with a specific credit card for ad campaigns.


Everything you need for the job

Qoopex designed for your success.

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Trust BINs

We'll find a BIN that's sure to fit. A few at the start and more for active users.

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Risk-free linking

Our users link cards to Facebook Ads and Google Ads every day, work seamlessly and scale smoothly.

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Common Balance

Forget about topping up each card and pay for ads from a single balance.

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Fast funding

We will credit your USDT TRC-20 and ERC-20 deposit as soon as possible.

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Credit Card Use

What could be more convenient than an online wallet with a virtual and plastic card that works in 125 countries?

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Favorable conditions

The bigger the spread, the more profitable it is to work. We have no hidden commissions.


Is my money safe?

Yes, your money is safe. Your account is protected by a number of cybersecurity measures, including multi-factor authentication.

The funds in your account are electronic money that is held in an electronic money institution (EMI). Thus, the electronic money is fully backed by liquid assets such as cash, cash equivalents (short-term deposits with banks) or highly liquid bonds, and is separate from the funds of the financial institution itself.

This protection model is beneficial to the customers of such institutions as it creates an additional layer of security. In case of insolvency of the financial institution, its clients will still be able to recover their funds.



A virtual card is a randomly generated card number associated with your credit card account. Virtual cards are designed for security and efficiency. The ability to set limits and control spending reduces the risk associated with your account, and if a virtual card is compromised, it won’t affect your entire line of credit. Plus, you can create and distribute virtual cards instantly, eliminating the need to mail and manage plastic cards. Learn more here.

Virtual cards were designed to provide security and improve the efficiency of a company’s credit card management. The ability to create unique cards for each transaction and set limits reduces the risk of your credit card being hacked and prevents improper billing. Virtual cards are also a powerful expense management tool, allowing you to create cards on-demand, distribute them to team members, and collect more data on each transaction.

With Extend, you can create as many virtual cards as you need using a single line of credit – no more sharing company cards or leaving the same card number on file with all of your vendors. You can set spending limits and expiration dates for each virtual card you create, and attach your own links that match the general ledger or other internal codes you use to run your business.

By using virtual cards for all of your expenses, you can establish robust expense controls, track and categorize transactions, and simplify accounting with automatic expense reconciliation and integration.

The expansion is PCI compliant. We have strong security measures in place to protect all of your cards and identities. We are also SOC2 compliant and utilize end-to-end encryption (TLS using SHA-256 with RSA encryption) to keep your data secure.

Virtual cards were created for security purposes. A virtual card cannot be used once the spending limit has been exceeded or expired and can be instantly deactivated at the touch of a button. For security purposes, we only share the full virtual card number with the designated recipient, who receives an email with a secure link to their card details. Extend has also developed comprehensive notifications that can alert the account holder each time a virtual card is sent, used or changed.


Our users rate the features and functionality of the service highly,
and this makes us proud of what we do.

My work on the Internet is connected with the constant search for reliable partners in terms of payments and cards. It is especially important when it comes to high turnover and other people's funds (money of my clients). We are very grateful to the Qoopex team for their help in organizing the issuance of cards for our advertising companies and stable work.

Mirali CCO Affmidas

Hi all. I want to share a review about the company qoopex.com. For a long time I was looking for a service for issuing virtual cards. Most of them either worked for a month and disappeared with money on their balance or changed the conditions for using cards over time. At a conference in Bangkok, I met a service representative and I can safely recommend this team of professionals.

Eduard webmaster

My name is Andre, I am not a fan of leaving reviews. But I understand that my review can save someone time and money. I work in mlm industry. For me, a flexible and convenient service for working with crypto and the instant possibility of using it with a card became the main criterion for choosing a service. I don't really trust cryptocurrency exchanges with card issuance. But I already really trust American banks and guys who were able to create a convenient and understandable service. I advise the service to all my partners who logged into the system to receive payments in our mlm structure.

Andre, MLM company

Excellent product on cards - good conditions, clear personal account, super trust Bins, and most importantly very loyal, responsive support, which is interested in the development of the product. If there were any questions or difficulties, the guys quickly solved them or helped to understand.

Paul, SEO

In general, I can confidently say that the experience of using the service is very positive. All organizational aspects are as convenient as possible, and any inconveniences and comments that arise are promptly eliminated. This speaks of the high efficiency and attentiveness of the team behind this service.

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